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PonGo- Your home assistant!

The advancement of technology is only fruitful when it can enter right into our homes and progress our lives in a much better way. We all are somewhere arranging brick by brick and joining penny by penny to make everything simple and secure. But most of it essentially stops when it comes to our home and all the technical revolution is restricted to fewer devices we use. They say, “Home is where the heart is”. So, we took one step forward and designed a phenomenon to attach some brains to your sweet homes.

Sounds strange? Don’t worry; we aren’t going to keep you in suspense further. Every one of you might have heard of smart phones and we at PonGo crafted various methods to make your house smarter.

What do we actually do?

Well hearing or speaking about smart homes isn’t new for all, but we are going to display what it needs to transform your homes. We managed to collect every available technology from all parts of the world and assembled them to be controlled under one app "PonGo Home. This amaze ball application basically works through three steps, PonGo Master, PonGo Receiver and PonGo switches. Each of them is connected to each other and collectively bright up your home environment and turns it as sophisticated as possible.

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