We have seen many people complaining that Home automation technology available on our country is not satisfying the motto of automation. Instead you need to invest more time and efforts to avail the benefits of such technology. So, while launching the PongoHome we have decided that our company only come up with gadgets that only reduce your physical and mental efforts without adding them further. As most of our devices are related to home security, you need not keep bothering about it. Once the set up and installation is completed all you have to do is “SET and RELAX”. This is how we are going to fulfil our motto behind it.

We provide you with necessary instructions and our operators make sure that they aren’t left with any necessary implications regarding the installation process. When the whole process is done, you have to follow those basic rules in keeping an eye over the gadget and apart from that the technology we introduced is automated to such an extent that you need not look back for detecting any flaws. The artificial intelligence carries on its own tasks which includes notifying you from time to time. So, if you are opting for home automation or other IOT technology from PongoHome, you are actually easing yourself from additional mental pressure.