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About Us

About Pongo Home

We have always been amazed by the tremendous technological changes brought into the home automation industry all over the world. But when it comes to our own country, we felt it is not quite available and even though there are few sellers the prices are always known to be high and not affordable for all type of people. So, PonGo Home started with the same vision and mission to deliver a quality product to your home which you can buy without any doubts and regrets.

Our Key Features

Providing every home automation product that can make your lives safe, secure and easy.

Delivering them at the prices cheaper than the market and every rupee you are going to spend is worthwhile.

Collecting other products of agriculture automation and few gadgets which serve to communities as a whole.

Serving you through an application called PonGo Home which is specially designed to enable a layman to use it without any obstacles

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