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Most of us would have learnt programming language and the one program we all would never forget is the “Hello World” program. It opens a new world and helps you to create your own playground but only in a virtual world. Yes, only within your computers. Is this all that programming could create, if not then what is the future of programming.

What if we can write a programming code and make it interact with the real world not just within our computers. How would it be if we write a piece of coding to create our own playground in this real world. Won’t it be awesome? The answer would be definitely yes. Welcome to the future of Programming.


Internet of things is a technology concept which develops the idea of connecting real world objects with the digital world. At present our digital interactions are only with the computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices but sooner than we expect we are going to interact with the real world objects or who knows may be they would interact with us.

PonGo uses Internet of things technology to create home automation products. It is a platform for people who get excited about new tech to take humanity to the next level during the digital revolution. Internet of things is going to help you control all your electrical and electronic devices using a single entity. PonGo is creating products that help us work out the above. So interested people come and join hands with PonGo for this visionary project.

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