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PonGo’s Agriculture Automation

The technology is updating itself at an enormous speed day to day and there has been huge evolution in economy of various sectors in every country. But at the end of the day we all need to strive for our basic needs of life especially food, while keeping the future food insufficiency in the mind, there is a core need to improve agriculture in order to facilitate our farmers. As it’s bringing an onerous weight on them and especially in tropical countries like India since ages and population working on agriculture for livelihood is sharply declining. Villages are the backbone for agriculture.

There are few reasons which affects the farmers from and make them give up this traditional form of living like the lack of availability of resources especially water and the there weren’t any important changes brought into that to enhance the condition. Also, it is clearly visible how farmers spend their whole day on observing the timings of power supply for watering their crops. By observing all these problems we have decided to ease farmers by bringing all revolutionary gadgets at PonGo Home technologies .

Usage of introducing automated technology into agriculture

When coming to usage, it’s a layman task and everybody can use this from their regular smart phone as all you need to do is install a simple application called PonGo Mobile Starterand link it with your existing motor starter and you can operate this through call.

When you want to switch on the motor just make a call to PonGo mobile starter and then listen to IVR and select the options as per your need. Meanwhile you can track the motor status whenever needed and turn off the device if you are finished with the respective task.You can even operate through Android application if you possess enough knowledge to handle it without any hindrances.

Getting the access allows you to schedule the timings of the motor and in fact you can even monitor and decide the time period it works Also, you need not bother about the status of the motor if you are sure about setting the required time and it completes watering the fields and automatically turns off. One will receive a SMS notifying the completion of task for the day.

Important benefits one can avail by using PonGo Starter

The product comes with good guarantee and also the description is provided in a detailed form to handle any adverse situation.

Electricity is saved and it also ensures the reduction of expenditure on it.

Saves human efforts and also a lot of time which you can invest in other important works that can actually turn out to be productive

The gadget and the application are especially designed in a common man’s perspective. Anyone can learn to use it efficiently within a short time.

The prices are cheaper compared to elsewhere in the market.

The product comes with good guarantee and also the description is provided in a detailed form to handle any adverse situation.

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