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Be a Part of Our Future

Our goal is to inspire you to work with us in creating smarter homes for the people of India. Join the community of a group of people with a vision to make our homes smarter. We provide products that make your home feel safe, secure and easy.

Why You Must Join Us

  • For our innovative vision and our forward looking approach about the markets.
  • For our unique products of best quality and also the offering of a variety of products.
  • For our modern approach of attracting the customers.
  • For the certified trainings awarded to our partners and their sales personnel.
  • As we are the first in the potential Indian market.
  • For the competitive allowances that we provide.
  • For our dedicated sales support that helps you pitch our products to the customers easily.
  • A predefined commission.
  • For the additional support and marketing development funds we provide when the level of business grows.

What We Expect From You

  • To be a technical or commercial specialist who shows very good interest in promoting PonGo Home.
  • To have a portfolio that suits our needs.
  • To be a person with dedication, devotion and determination.
  • To have a good reputation.
  • To employ at least few employs who has good knowledge in home automation systems.
  • To cooperate with us in all aspects.
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