Benefits of Using Mobile Starter in Agriculture

Benefits of Mobile Starter in Agriculture

Agriculture constitutes almost 17% of the country’s GDP and nearly 58% of the households earn their livelihood through farming. Agriculture, the fundamental occupation of India has always developed in phases and the new trend is – Smart Farming. Integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) with agriculture has introduced real-time monitoring, less manual work, more efficiently, better irrigation systems, and much more. This new-age technology has impacted the sector significantly, in turn, booming the agro-based economy.

The most trending innovation is the mobile communications and mobile-based sensors that are easy to use and equip with the pumps. This application-based solution saves up a lot of human work, power, water, time, and energy.

Since water is the most required yet finite resource, there is a significant need for effective irrigation systems. And hence, mobile starters have become the most popular among the farmers. The mobile starters help you to control the pumps remotely and avoid breakdowns. It not only limits the use of power and water but also regulates timings, switching on/off the pumps, water flow, etc. In case, of any malfunctions, the mobile starters notify the farmers through SMS, call, or the application notifications. The mobile starters are specifically designed for remotely located pumps so that it can be operated from anywhere through mobile applications.

The two major reasons for pump breakdown are overheating and over current that reduces the life of the machine. The mobile starters immediately alert the farmers about the failure and avoid further damages.

One of the best mobile starters is manufactured the Pongo technologies that aim to bring ease to farmers by introducing all revolutionary gadgets. Through Pongo mobile starter farmers can operate on the motor just by making a call or through their application.

Benefits of Integrating Mobile Starters with Farming

Saves Electricity

As farmers can schedule timings and control the functions of the motors it helps them cut down the use of electricity. Due to mobile starters, the motors do not work for long intervals eating up excessive powers and this also helps farmers in coast cutting.

Saves Human Efforts

You can access and control the motor’s operations from far away, so the farmers do not have to travel the long distance to operate the pumps. This also increases their productivity as they can focus on other farming activities.

Dodges Damages

The sensors are equipped to understand and notify in case of electricity cut-outs, voltage fluctuations, dry run, high currents, negative sequences, phase imbalance, etc. The farmers can promptly switch off the motors and withdraw any losses.

Easy to Use

The mobile starters are specially designed in a common man’s perspective. Therefore all the farmers can learn to use the gadget as well as the application quickly and use it efficiently to enhance the process.

Great Compatibility

This gadget is compatible with all capacities of motors and can switch on/off at any three phases from anywhere just by a call.

Risk Proof

The mobile starters ensure total safety as the gadgets are shockproof, fore resistant, rustproof, durable, waterproof, and require less maintenance.


If you are searching for an easy solution to operate the motors in a better way and increase your productivity then use Pongo Home’s mobile starters. Using it is a layman task as all you need to do is install a simple application called PonGo Mobile Starter and link it with your existing motor starter and you can operate this through call. It is a cheap option as compared to the other products in the market and comes with a good guarantee and also the description is provided in a detailed form to handle any adverse situation.

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