Features of Smart Wi-Fi Curtain Controller

Know Features of Smart Wi-Fi Curtain Controller

Home automation is a trending technology these days and witnessing a lot of evolution in the field.  A new product is launched every other day in the global market which is more user-friendly and convenient to use. Even though a fully automated home seems like a farfetched dream, you can start with some basic things like curtains, doorbells, intercoms, lights, speakers, and much more. 

Curtains are a really important aspect as it provides security, privacy and enhances the look of your house. It has the ability to change the vibe and create an ambience in our home decor. 

Now, imagine your curtains enabled with smart and intuitive sensors. It will not only give a unique look to your home but also increase comfort. These kinds of drapes are known as smart curtains or wi-fi curtain controller which has senors. These sensors are synced with a mobile application and your wifi network, this enables you to control it from anywhere from the house. These wi-fi curtain controllers are really durable and give a sleek appearance to your house.    

The wifi curtain controllers are usually encountered at grand hotels and luxurious apartments. If you also wish to fit smart curtains at your home, then a pocket-friendly and well-equipped option in the market is the wi-fi curtain controller by Pongo Technologies Ptv. Ltd. It is a thoroughly tested product that is operated through an application launched by them. 

Here are some Salient Features of the Wi-Fi Curtain Controller

Saves Power 

It helps you minimize the use of air conditioners as the sensors on your curtains are signalled when the sun is brightest and it shuts your windows down immediately. This keeps your house cool whenever needed. This feature helps in significantly reduce the electricity bills saving up the power and money. 

Introduces Ease 

You can open and close the curtains simply taping on your mobile phone and accessing the application. A key factor of homes is comfort which can be gained by the wi-fi curtain controller that allows you to remotely manage and monitor your window treatment just by a tap. Along with ease of monitoring, it can be scheduled as per the users wish. 

Effortless Controlling Options 

The smart curtains can be managed and operated really effortlessly using multiple options like remote control, mobile applications, etc. For example, if you opt for wifi curtain controllers developed by Pongo electronics you can easily control it through Pongo Homes, their mobile application. 

More Security 

It can obstruct thieves and prevent any kind of theft to your home as it provides 100% security. The smarts curtains are purely managed by the applications or remote so nobody can operate it other than you. Hence nobody can it is safer than any other window covering. 


Pongo Technologies Pvt Ltd aims to make its customers IoT equipped by introducing invocations in-home automations. Their wifi curtain controllers are highly appreciated for its comfort and performance.  

The benefits of choosing Pongo’s wifi curtain controllers   

  • The standby power of the curtain is less than 0.016 W and standby current is not more than 60uA
  • It requires optimal wifi network till Wi-Fi is 802.11 b/g stations 
  • Its voltage is rated between AC 100V-250V 50/60 Hz.  
  • The curtain’s relative humidity is less than 95% 
  • The wifi certain controllers load is resistive is recorded to be 3000W and inductive is at 2000W
  • It is made using solid materials and h crystal glass to give an elegant look

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