Indian Agriculture Powered With Artificial Intelligence

Indian Agriculture Powered With Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2020

According to the economic survey conducted in 2017-18), 17% of India’s total GDP was contributed by agriculture. The report of the Agricultural Census, 2015-16, reports that 50% of Indian Land is used for farming purposes. Agriculture renders direct employment to nearly 4.11 Indians says the World Bank report, 2018. All these statistics prove that agriculture is a crucial part of our country. But still the farmers are having a hard time surviving and earning decent bread and butter. 

They face a lot challenges in front of them like climate change, water scarcity, falling production, below bar access to markets, and much more. However, there are a lot of innovations taking place in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) with regard to farming that can enable the farmers to perform better farming operations and fight back the challenges.    

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is basically a digital technology that is equipped with the cognitive process and knows how to interact with the environment that makes the operations easy and efficient as it.  

Application of AI in the Agriculture Sector

  • Weed and Pest Controls
  • Soil Analysis and Monitoring
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Crop Sowing
  • Crop Harvesting

Role of AI in Agriculture in 2020

The AI industry is being used to make the farming processes easy, faster, and feasible for the industry. Here are some innovations and changes predicted in 2020.

  • As good as 70 million farmers are estimated to get acquainted by AI.
  • The income of farmers is anticipated to rise roughly by up to $9 billion.
  • The innovations will be focused on two basic aspects – grading and pricing.
  • There will be models to analyze the quality of produced goods through images.
  •  Systematic display of logistics to predict accurate pricing. 
  • Technology that will help in improving supply chain management. 
  • AI-enabled auto irrigation models to signal the farmers about the moisture needs and access to the crops.
  • The Global AI Agriculture Market is expected to rise to around $1100 million by the end of 2025.
  • Almost 315 million from rural areas would use the internet by 2020. 


There are a lot of companies bringing radical innovations to make effective use of AI in the agriculture industry. PonGo Technologies Pvt Ltd is one such company that has come up with an IVR enabled mobile application – PonGo Mobile Starterand. This application is to be linked with the motors to control and track its functions. It helps you track the motor’s status, schedule the timings, switching it on and off in a particular duration. The application notifies you everything through SMS as well.

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