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Every sort of company must come up with some kind of strategic techniques that are completely reliable and that helps to cope up with the contemporary changes of the world around. Being an IoT company, PongoHome is not just about home automation but it puts entire efforts into bringing a transformation in digital level and a technological revolution that provides access to all devices at low prices.

Our strategies size the Indian market and we don’t confine ourselves to fewer fields instead we break through the endless possibilities.

Irrespective of the sectors we involve in, we always pay equal importance to the challenges and hurdles of privacy and data ownership and maintain the security and other concerned standards that drive us towards success.

Core strategies of PongoHome:

  • Deep and diplomatic insight and a long term vision and mission for the budding IoT market in India.
  • To adopt technology from the global markets and impart them in our regions.
  • A broad analysis of ever-changing scenarios of several products and services.
  • Understanding the people we serve and making smart decisions regarding the selection of locations, product mix, and other sales techniques.
  • Personalizing the relationship with customers and blooming towards the future by grabbing the essence of their true requirements and balancing it with new innovations.
  • Designing new business models from time to time to nurture the business and the customers by protecting the goals and needs of both whiles boosting efficiency.

This is how we decided to enter home automation and IoT market to set up new standards and to create, evolve and serve the customers of all types with innovative technology available in the world.

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