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Why You Should Install a Video Door Phone System?

Video door phone systems are intercom that facilities better communication between you and your visitor. It provides extreme security as you can see and communicate with your visitor without even opening the door. These systems also help you keep an eye on the door or the main gate no matter from any room. It is the most convenient option nowadays as it can be integrated with various systems such as access control, alarm, and home automation. 

The systems have constrained control as it can only be operated by those who are authenticated to use it through card, pin, or fingerprint. Along with constant surveillance, it allows you to see and talk to your visitors.     

Here Are the Top Reasons to Make Your Place Video Door Phone System Enabled.

Amplified Security 

These systems provide great security. It is alarm enabled so that other members and the security personnel can get a signal in case of an emergency. It also helps keep unwanted visitors away. 

Easy Communication with Your Visitor

Featured with speakers, microphones, cameras, and a display screen it lets you identify and converse with your visitor without reaching out to the entrance. It also permits to form a inter-room network by installing in numerous rooms for easy communication within a particular space.   

Makes Your Home Smarter

It can be connected to other systems to carry out different tasks. The live video/audio feature permits you to track everything effortlessly even when you are away from home by syncing it to your PC/mobile.  

Trouble-Free Installation

Say bye to re-construction and loads of wire with these wireless video door phone systems. It is adaptable with the new weathered houses plus the beautiful designing adds up to the aesthetics of your home.  


To make sure the safety of you and your family it is important to choose the right security partner who can provide you excellent quality systems. Pongo Technologies Pvt Ltd, a Pune based technology offers one of the best video door phone systems

Features of Analogue Villa Video Door Phone – Systems by PonGo 

Their systems help you record everything directly/ just witch on the camera through the PonGo application on your mobile and monitor what is happening at your door-step.  Capture a limited number of pictures to store and share if any necessary information is found. Share the control with other members through the mobile application. 

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