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Understanding the Basic water level controlling

Pongo technologies have Water level controller for varius tanks, lets understand what is the water level controller first !!

Automatic water level control is a device that detects undesirable low or high water levels in a tank and switches the pump to maintain the optimum water content in the tank. In this article I will explain 5 simple automatic water level control circuits that can be used to control the water level of a water tank through the turns of a pump motor. A simple automatic water level control is an overhead tank that switches on the pump motor and off when the water in the tank rises from minimum to maximum.

The depth of the water tank from the top to the outlet pipes is assumed to be the length of the minimum measurement unit. If the water level falls below its minimum level, the underfill detector is switched to the burner (boiler heating) to prevent injuries to persons or damage to the system. When the water reaches the maximum level, the float is pushed down (no more than the required distance) by moving the contact sheet switch to the N position.

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Technological progress has made it possible to use computer-aided systems for flexible control of hardware systems. Such controllers can use single-phase motors, three-phase motors and open bore sumps. Different technologies are used in the design and implementation of such controllers.

They are full of enticing properties that support the flawless delivery of results. These attributes make these devices ideal for the most diverse areas from home to industrial environments. It offers different customer impressions of the product or service used.

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