Uses of Motion Sensors in Everyday Life

Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually indulging in every activity and technological appliances around us. It has taken human-computer interaction to whole another level. We are not far away from the day when we would operate everything through our cellphones. One of the best examples of IoT or automation is motion sensors

Motion sensors basically detect movement with the help of defaulted electronic chips with the help of infrared, optics, vibrations, radiofrequency energy, sound, and heat. 

Motion sensors are the heart of our recent security systems. And are usually used to detect and understand the position, velocity, and acceleration. 

There are different types of motion sensors that are used for various purposes and circumstances. 

  • Passive Infrared (PIR) 

It detects an object through heat and movement. Widely used in home security, it can detect whether the object is armed or harmful.  

  • Microwave (MW) 

Detecting the MicroWaves it measures the reflection/shadow of the moving objects. Although it is used very rarely as it is expensive and not merely compatible with the electrical interface.   

  • Dual Technology 

Usually used in high-teched appliances to reduce false alarms in the sensors. Both PIR and MW are combined to make these sensors. The passive and active nature, respectively of both the technologies provides double the triggers for the alarm to be tripped.     

Application for the Security 

  • Motion detector lights turn on the light so that you know that an intruder is in your house. 
  • Motion detector alarms make a typical noise to scare off the robbers.   
  • Motions detector cameras are just like CCTV, which would help you notice an unwanted entry of an object/person.
  • Some of the motion sensors custom made for the entrances to stop an unwanted car. 
  • Motion sensors have made your traditional doorbells classier by making them wireless and adding exciting features.    
  • Vehicle alert systems are also made using motion sensors

Some Other Applications

  • Hand Dryers 
  • Entry Way Lights
  • Automatic doors
  • Automatic ticket gates 

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