Ways you can make your residance samarter and low maintainance

Some changes in existing and new housing societies, can make the maintainance more easy , and cheaper.

Today i am about to explain you the need of the smart prodcut inthe society . you may be livin in apartment or the home followig details are important when it comes to Save the electricivty and the power and most importantly your precious time

In times of covid and its varients we have seen so may staff from the big companies are working from home ,
Even small businesses are stopped and people are working from home. means the infrastrucxture used in the 
Societies and housing real estate is on the high, there are two thing we want to give focus to 

First is the electricy 
Second is time



Electricity is used by each shared resource that all people in society witness daily,It can be light bulbs, water pump to gather water on overhead tanks, even the tube lights in the comon passages in the building
Now bigger question arises and that is how to manage these resources. and we have the simple answer for that need.

Now as you have stuck in the ned of the solution we have found the solution for the same, we call is automation. automation of the 
Time and automation for the electricity . 

Each day you have to turn on the light and turn off the light in evening and morning respectivily to save electricity , 
But our sensors are so smart that it will detect the need of light to turn on or off as per the time and the 
Light intensity of the sun.

Now as we have automated the lights simple way lets automate the water. Water is also comon resource all use. now as we are using
Water we have a care taker who will turn on the pump manually and will turn it off after words, but consider what if its automated

It can be automated by the auto tank filler  , pongo provide all products in single and three phase series you can choose as per your
Need you can checkout our insta page to see previous installed sites. 

We have solution for the money electricity crises you feel each day at you societies. now main thing about the economics

Every thing has the cost , but as you can go throught the details you will witness after the two of three months the investments done 
On the products will be reutrned under roi and then sensors and equipments will be literally free . our previous sites have seen up 
To 70% saving in two months comparing to previous electricity bills
So switch to the smartness with pongo products in led and sensor series and be smarter than others.

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