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Your home AI should understand your language

AI should understand our languag. Understand the need of language in your day today life. smart hom is very good concept , but can it understand your language? let me give you an example, if you visit new city or country there is language problem. mainly due to new culture, non seen etiquettes. Now if you try to buy a tea is also the problem.so out agenda is to understand is yor home AI understand the language

One of well known AI we came accross is Alexa , given by Amazon. Now when it comes to other languages AI by Alexa one of great choice to consider. Now as there are new and more inclusive AI are getting created ,even for vehicles, inside home Alexa is better choice.

Following is the descriptive Post by Amazon from there website

Alexa AI Hindi

So now we have established here that there should be ai which can understand our languag. In Indian demography we have so many languages, but as hindi being embedded is best in smart home. Even it comes with awesome skills.

Even our countries rupees has given importance to all languages. in smart home, its important that device should be very accesible for all. even the old age customers.


Is it worth to use other language than english?

If you go through the links you may understand its very easy to talk in own language . now consider under the AI you just say ‘Light chalu karo’ Light band Karo’ is more natural to talk.

As the verdict, we would suggest , there are many AI in market but one which understand your language is more usable in day to day life.

Pongo Home automation products are provided under this consideration. Our devices are ready and equipped. hindi and English are both supported. You can even see following video which gives you as idea about pongo technologies products.

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