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PonGo’s Light Control Sensors

Often electricity bills hit the limits due to our improper management of lights. We often held them on for longer periods and couldn’t actually notice their function when they aren’t really needed. We at PonGo technologies have come up with “Light Control Sensors” that totally change the appearance of your home. It is a minute gadget that can be attached to your lights of any size and form. There are previously many other mini gadgets created with the similar idea, but they all include some human interference to control it at maximised level. But these sensors totally work on artificial intelligence and manage themselves by sensing the sunlight, people and time.

These constitute inbuilt LDR sensors which helps them to work in the desired way. Some of its settings enables them to turn on the lights only after recognising the human presence and gets back to its pre-adjusted state.


This specification are applied to all the light control sensors

  • Can be install on electric pole and wherever you need.
  • Power Sourcing : 220-240 V/AC
  • Power Frequency : 50Hz
  • Rated current : 10A
  • Ambiant lighting
  • Working temperature : 20-40 C
  • Powerfull LDR Sensor

LED Motion Sensor Tube Light

Leveraging by the vast experience of this domain, we present the clients with the superior quality of LED Sensor Tube Light. Used for different lighting applications, the offered LED tube lights are admired for their less power consumption, compact design, longer functional life and sturdy construction. Timely delivery of the LED tube lights is assured, owing to our wide distribution network.

Universal Auto on/Off Sensor

This Light Switch enables you to turn on or off the light in day and night without manual operation. Novel design, reliable and long service life. Widely used: street light, highway, factories, garden, ports, airports, farm, parks, schools, and other places. Also can fit into solar lamps and lanterns, or cars, motorcycles, electric cars and other power supply voltage is AC220V lamps and lanterns or equipment. It can install on the wood, metal and concrete pole. Automatic switch wire connection: white line and black line connect power, white line and red line connect load. Notes: Do not install the control unit in a place extremely darker in daytime or a place directly by lighting of turning-ON lamp.

Specifications of the gadget

It has power sourcing varying from 220-240V/AC and the frequency is limited to 50Hz. The working temperature is also very convenient irrespective of the place you live in, as it functions normally between -20 to 50 degree Celsius. The rated current is also very minimal as 10A.

Important benefits of these Light Control Sensors

Our product Light Control Sensors contributes to that one step in making your homes brighter and smarter.

Saves electricity and avoid all useless expenditure.

Safe for environment as generally using lights for a longer time will indirectly affect and contribute to Global warming.

Save your physical and mental efforts

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