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PonGo Smart Home Controller

Smart Automation

We all have bitter experiences in pushing each other to switch on/ off the fan or adjust its speed. Until technology break through our houses, this was the condition of almost everyone. Home automation is truly an evolvement we desired from a really long time and “Smart Wi-Fi fan controller” can be considered as the most favourite product of it. So, PonGo Home decided to acquire all the best products from the top manufacturers of the world and bring it to India at a reasonable price.

We brought smart Wi-Fi fan controller and are widely stocked with this particular product with immense confidence that it is something really necessary in our country where electric fans are vastly used. This product is connected through a Wi-Fi and is used through our own application.

Curtain Control

Slide is the first retrofit smart curtain system that works with your existing curtains. It only takes two minutes to set up. Thanks to its wireless connectivity and integration with smart home platforms, the possibilities are endless. And don't worry: with Slide, you can still move your curtains by hand. With your help, we can bring Slide to your home. Join us, as we want to share some of the coolest and most powerful reasons to use Slide.

You can open and close your curtains directly from the Slide App. You can choose to install Slide for one or two curtains and even set how far they should be opened. You can also set timers to open and close them at a fixed time. If you want to, you can always continue to open and close them manually - Slide will automatically register it.

Product Description

None of you need to bother about browsing this proper where the explanation is not properly available too. So, carefully read the following which are nothing but the uses and other benefits you can get through this product to make a wise decision in the end.

  • As previously described, the device is connected just like your Wi-Fi and can be monitored and controlled completely on our PonGo Home app.
  • It not only turns on/off your fan, but also adjusts its speed and other features offered by your fan.
  • The product can also be connected other types of fans and is not restricted to ceiling fans.
  • Enables you to control multiple fans at the same time.
  • It helps you to share the control, where the other individuals can handle it by installing the app.

Product Specifications

These are the pin to pin details regarding the status and condition of our product.

The Wi-Fi controller is made up of solid material and is covered with crystal glass to give it a finished look.

The standard of Wi-Fi is 802.11 b/g stations which are considered to be optimal.

The transmission power is +20dBm, 11Mbps (CCK) while the receiver sensitivity is -89dBm, 11 Mbps (CCK).

The standard of Wi-Fi is 802.11 b/g stations which are considered to be optimal.

The rated voltage ranges between AC 100V-250V 50/60 Hz.

The relative humidity is marked less than 95% while the rated load is Resistive: 3000W and Inductive: 2000W.

It is very simple to set up and install which takes a few minutes for you to grasp all essential details. Also, many of the additional features it provides makes it best than its competitor products. A smart Wi-Fi socket controller can be considered as that key element which is needed at any cost to make your smarter and flexible. By purchasing this one small gadget, one can get relieved from most of their worries including wasting electricity, time, money, etc. It simply works on your behalf, if only you can learn to use it at its maximum.

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